Cottage Fields humble beginnings began in 2012 with nothing but a small team with a united vision and determination to work hard and make a difference. Our first 'office' was a brick built outbuilding in Chestnut. When we took it over, unfortunately for us its sole purpose was storage (previously a recording studio), it had a stench of damp and must meaning we had to wear protective masks! It was moldy, leaking, and had no heating or running water. After emptying the clutter and waste, all the sound proofing stripped and walls bleached to remove all the mildew (plus a few coats of mold proof paint), we patched it up the best we could and attempted to make it an office to be proud of. Due to having tight purse strings and being self funded, we had to make do with a couple of plugs in heaters, a dehumidifier and warm clothes. We pulled together some second hand furniture (we even borrowed a chair from Cihans nephew on one occasion.), some basic supplies, and a very poor internet connection, and began working towards the dream. Of course sometimes it was a struggle (think snow, badly fitted windows and no heating.) but we always had each other to lean on in our hardest moments, and our motivation and vision of what Cottage Fields would eventually become to keep up going.

Cottage Fields are now proud to be one of Enfield's most successful Agents with a fantastic office in a prime location, all of which was only possible due that moldy old outbuilding which allowed us the space to follow our dreams. This is was the start of Cottage Fields and we will always remember our humble beginnings as a continued motivation to work hard. It will remain with all of us when we started with nothing but a dream and the passion and the perseverance to achieve it through hardship, with hard work, belief and a 'I can' attitude.

Stay tuned in to find out more and see more historic photos of Cottage Fields, as we will be updating this shortly.

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