Rent Protection…Protect Your Investment.

Cottage Fields would always recommend Rent Protection Insurance. As hard as we work to ensure we provide you the best tenants and give you a hassle free experience letting your property, we cannot predict things that sometimes happen which may affect a tenant’s ability to pay their rent. Our Rent Protection Insurance is designed to protect your investment and the income you derive from it in the event that your tenant fails to make rent payments.

  • 100% of rental income if the tenant fails to pay*
  • An unlimited period of arrears up to a total of £50,000*
  • The cost of eviction (because it might come to that)*
  • Legal expenses up to £50,000*.

50% of rent paid for a further three months post eviction

*T&C's apply

We think you’ll agree that’s comprehensive cover, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how little it costs to protect your income stream. For more information on how our Rent Protection Insurance works please call us on 0203 621 8621 and ask for our Management Team

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